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Hands-Free Male Masturbator

Men, at whatever age you’re at right now, you’re in the prime of your life. And because the world is constantly becoming more technological and innovative, it feels as though one can live forever! Isn’t that a great thing to think about?

So, being in your prime of life, wouldn’t you say it was about time that you experienced some super amazing, hands-free masturbation… any time you pleased? Long are the days that you need a partner, a one night stand, or a woman in any other capacity to help you out!

Why? Because now we’ve got something called a hands free male masturbator! Go to town, and feel absolutely amazing while doing so!

What is a Hands Free Male Masturbator?

So, you may be wondering, what is a hands free male masturbator? It is quite self-explanatory though… a device, often shaped like a sleeve, that jerks off a man’s cock without the use of his hand. This could involve him holding the device however.

The thing about male masturbators, is that there are various different shapes and sizes, each giving their own unique stimulation. And that’s absolutely great… because it gives you the chance to test them out and pick your favourite!

Some masturbators provide more tightness, some mimic that of a blowjob, and others even vibrate with different speeds and intensities.

Additionally, you can find a number of different sex toys for him that contain various grooves and patterns on the inside and out (or either), aiding in your very best pleasure.

Why is a Hands Free Masturbator Better than Using Your Hand?

Since you hit puberty, you’ve probably been using your hand to get yourself off when you don’t have a partner. And while this is still always a treat, there are new ways to get your very best orgasm. As they say, change is as good as a holiday!

So, why should you consider a hands free male masturbator as opposed to continuing your little lustful adventures with your hand? And, what does a hands free masturbator feel like?

● Your hand can’t vibrate
● Your hand can’t create a suction effect
● Your hand isn’t a mouth nor a replica of a mouth
● Your hand can get sore after creating your preferred level of tightness
● Your hand will feel the same every single time
● Your hand is boring and won’t surprise you
● Your hand shouldn’t be doing all of the hard work
● Your hand may not be viable if you have dexterity problems

With that, we recommend trying one, or several, hands free male masturbators. All you do is simply place your erect cock into the device and let it do its magic.

Of course, there are different settings and instructions depending on which device you choose, but the majority of them are easy to follow and will allow you to experience sensations you never thought were possible!

The Benefits of Masturbation

Surely by now you’re sold on buying a hands free male masturbator? So us telling you the benefits would only be, well, an added benefit.

Instead, we’re going to tell you all about the benefits of men who masturbate, just to bring it on home!

● When you masturbate, you’re less likely to develop prostate cancer
Masturbating reduces stress, as it releases the feel-good hormone, dopamine, and lowers your blood pressure
● Masterbating is safe (from STI’s and other infections)
● Masturbating can help prevent premature ejaculation
● Masturbating can help induce sleep, as it releases the hormone prolactin
● Masturbating releases tension
● Masturbating can help you to discover your likes and dislikes, which can then transcend into a healthier and better sex life with a partner

The Top 2 Male Masturbation Techniques to Try

And for those who are on the fence about giving a hands free male masturbator a try, here are our top two techniques for male masturbation that you may not have tried yet.

1. No Naked Masturbation

If you don’t fancy getting undressed for your play time, there’s a technique that allows you to keep your underwear on. How does it work? Keep your erect penis inside your underwear, and rub the sensitive part of the head of your penis through the fabric. Only down-side? You will make a slight mess in your underwear.

2. Both Hands

Tired of using only your dominant hand? Use both! This technique is when you hold your cock at the base in the shape of a fist, with the second hand holding the other end, loosely. Then, you’re going to masturbate by using your hips, not your hands. Thrust passionately, and experience a kind of real-feel sex experience.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what living in a super technological world was like, look no further. Our range of the best hands free male masturbators in 2020 are readily available, fine for the picking!

And in actuality, we’re already enjoying life with so many pleasurable vices, that it’s more a question of if sexual enhancement and stimulation can get any better than what it already is! Ponder on that for a moment…

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