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Precum is your body’s natural lubricant that helps you enjoy a better sexual experience. Since our bodies are not the same, the amount of precum may vary for different men.

You can perform edging exercises, drink plenty of water, and/or use toys during masturbation to enhance your pre-cum production.

What Is Precum: The Definition

Precum may be best defined as the clear and colorless fluid that your penis ejaculates when you are sexually aroused. It is not the same as semen or cum. As evident from the name itself, your penis ejects precum even before it ejects semen or cum.

Unlike semen, precum is mostly transparent. It is also significantly less dense. In the following sections, we will discuss precum in detail, answering all your questions about it.

Is Precum Normal? Why Do I Precum And What Is The Purpose Of It

Precum is a completely natural process that all men go through. Its main function is to serve as your body's natural lubricant so that you enjoy a better round of masturbation or sexual intercourse. Precum also helps clean your urethra from urine remnants, preparing your body to produce semen.

The biggest role of the precum is probably in terms of sexual arousal during masturbation and intercourse. It neutralizes the acid reflux in your urethra, lubricates it, and allows semen to leave your body easily during ejaculation.

Like ejaculation, precum cannot be controlled. Because the release of the fluid is a completely involuntary function, it happens only when your body is ready to do so.  

In addition to cleaning your urethra and preparing your body for ejaculation, precum can also impregnate your partner if it contains sperm. That means, if your precum enters the vagina of your partner, she is just as likely to get pregnant if she were impregnated with semen.

With that said, precum does not naturally contain any sperm. It only happens to pick up remnants of sperm while passing through the urethra.   

What Is Precum Made Of

Precum is completely transparent, and it usually contains protein, mucus, and a range of other enzymes. In appearance, it resembles egg whites, but not as thick. The fluid is also much less viscous and dense when compared to sperm. In the male body, Cowper's glands are attributed to produce precum. Resembling peas, they are a pair of glands that are only half an inch in width and are connected by ducts to the urethra.  

Does Precum Make For A Good Lube

Yes! Precum is one of the best, natural lubes produced directly by your body. Men producing high amounts of precum may not require large amounts of artificial lube during intercourse or masturbation. Alternatively, men that do not produce as much precum, may need extra lube to keep things running smoothly during masturbation or sex.

The key function of the precum is to make way for sperm to travel faster and more conveniently through your urethra. By meeting this one major responsibility, it makes up for an excellent natural lube.  

5 Ways To Increase Precum Naturally

As previously mentioned, men do not produce any set amount of precum. The level of precum your body produces can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, genetic structure, and several other factors.

You can naturally improve the precum reflux of your body by following the below guidelines:

  • Prostate Massage:You can massage your prostate from time to time, to boost precum production. It will improve the intensity of your sexual intercourse or masturbation and also minimize painful erections. The best part: it will boost the blood flow around your prostate, thereby boosting semen and precum production.
  • Drink More Water and Massage Your Prostate: According to most doctors, the kind of diet and lifestyle you follow goes a long way in positively or negatively impacting your genital health. So, if you are struggling with low volumes of precum, first try to observe your current lifestyle and figure out what you need to change. Typically, we recommend drinking more water to boost urine and precum production. You can also back this up by taking Vitamin and Selenium supplements. Finally, make sure you get enough sleep because without sleep your body won’t have the energy to perform consistently during ejaculation.
  • AddPygeum To Your Diet: Pygeum is a bark of a tree that is known to boost prostate function in men. Today, it is available in almost any drug store in the form of capsules or powder. You need to consume the available form of pygeum according to the recommended guidelines. Over time, it will boost the production of precum and also improve your stamina during sex.  
  • Try Different ActivitiesTo Arouse Yourself: If you are really looking to boost precum production, it doesn't hurt trying out a couple of arousal activities. When it comes to both masturbation and sex, experimentation is the key. Read up books and blogs, check out new posts online, or use sex toys to improve your arousal. With higher and more intense arousals, you will end up producing larger amounts of precum.
  • Try Edging: Edging is a simple process where you first work yourself up by masturbating or having intercourse at an extremely rapid pace, only to slow down the moment you feel like ejaculating. This method not only helps enhance the production of precum but also helps control instances of premature ejaculation. This is a tried and tested method to holistically improve your sex life.


Even though you can follow the right set of guidelines to improve your body’s natural precum production, it is completely okay if you do not ejaculate large amounts of precum.

Massaging your prostate, drinking more water, taking the right vitamins, performing a range of arousal activities, and edging can certainly make things better (and smoother) down there.

But do not be hard on yourself if you still do not witness a dramatic change. Since our bodies are different, the amount of precum produced by your body is just the right amount!

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