How to make a man cry in bed


Have you ever cried in bed? I know that's a super random question to ask but we've got to know, right? Do people really cry during sex? Does it mean that sex can be painful? How can a man cry during sex? Come off it, it's just a fallacy, right? No, it is not. Crying during sex doesn't connote to bad things, it's rather a thing of joy.

Have you ever been so happy and excited about a certain thing or news that you begin to cry? Some people call that tear of joy.

In today's article, you can learn how to make sex so pleasurable for your man that he would cry. We look at how to please a man in bed, how to make a man cry in bed and most importantly, how to keep your man happy in bed.

You will be learning things to try in bed to make your man cry. This sounds like fun.

Let's go!

How to make a man cry in bed?

Making anybody cry in bed is a great thing. It means you understand the person perfectly and make the person reach the highest pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Tears occur during sex because of bottled-in sexual pleasure. This means the person is enjoying the pleasure so much that he can't take it anymore. All he can do is cry it all out.

You should note that crying during sex means your man really enjoys the intimacy you both share. This will make him happy and further make your emotional bond stronger.

We are going to look at 20 tips on how to make a man cry during sex. I suggest you take your notes and jot things down because these tips are proven and effective.

Let's go!

1. Try new stimulating styles

You've got to try new styles. Some styles make sexual intercourse more intimate and stimulating. This will put your man in a good place during sex. He would feel on top of the world. Sex styles like missionary and reverse cowgirl make it more sensitive. You can practice some of the styles with a sex doll to get the perfect turns and shifts.

2. Make his neck your play zone

You should try using your tongue to play with his neck. The neck is very sensitive for most guys. Doing this during sex will increase the pleasure exponentially and make him feel on top of the world.

3. Use ice cubes

You should spice up foreplay and sex using tools like ice cubes. He will feel good when an ice-cold lip touches his dick or when an ice-cold lip kisses his nipple. You can run the ice cube down his torso to his lower region.

4. Talk dirty

Talking dirty can never go wrong. You should whisper things you want him to do to you in his ears. You can tell him how good he makes you feel. Tell him you want him so bad, and you want him to be inside you. Things like this make him feel good. He knows that you want him bad, and that's because he is good in bed.

5. Play with his ear lobes

You can use ice cubes to play with his ear lobes. Flicker it with your tongue and whisper into his ears. It is very sensitive when people whisper into your ears. You can moan silently into his ears. This will increase his libido level and make him happier than ever.

6. Teasing

What's good sex without teasing? You've got to make him want it before giving him. You can sit him down and give him a strip tease. You can also do this during sex. When you are riding him, you can tease him by not inserting his penis quickly. Go in for a kiss and move back. Bite his lip gently. These things will make him go crazy.

7. Massage without hands

What's a massage without hands? Well, it's when you use your body instead of your hands to massage him. You do this by grinding your naked body over his. You can ride him, make him feel your boobs behind him. The stimulation gets him on.

8. Scream his name

One of the greatest ways to make a man cry in bed is to say his name while at it. This way, he feels you want him more, and he will increase the pace, which will in turn make him more sexually high. So, try whispering his name in his ears while he's at it or even say his name out.

9. Promises

How do promises work? Well, it is simple. Before you both get down to business while teasing him, tell him he's about to have the best sex in his life, and he has no other choice but to enjoy it and cry. When you promise things like this, his brain instantly sends blood to his penis, and the more it does, the more pleasure he gets. You're prepping his mind for what is about to happen.

10. Be submissive

Try being submissive during sex. Let him take control and do as he wants. His ego rises, which makes him feel in charge, thus providing him with more pleasure till he can't hold it in.

11. Communication

Communication is key in any relationship. When it comes to sex, communication is important. Without communicating, how do you know what he likes and doesn't like? Or what he wants and how he wants it. Communicate with each other. You can also tell him what you want and how you want it. Most men rely on satisfying their women in getting pleasure. It makes them feel good.

12. Sex dolls/toys

Sex dolls are very effective in practicing all these tips and ideas. Do you want to know how to ride your man perfectly? Try using a sex doll to practice. You can make use of sex toys also to make your coitus more intimate and sensual.

13. Touch his butt

You've got to touch his butt, girl! Grab it, spank it, whatever you like. While doing sex styles like missionary which involves his body being on top of yours, you should grab his butt. This makes him feel the sex is more than intimate, and you want all of him inside you. It makes sexual intercourse more sensitive and intimate. Grab your man's butt today.

14. Play with his nipples

The nipple area is one of the most sensitive areas in the male body. You should let your tongue work on his nipples, and you can make use of other aids like an ice cube, honey. You can rev it up any way you like and make him feel good.

15. Touch his thighs

The truth most guys don't like sharing is that the inner thigh is a very sensitive place in the male body. So, ensure you touch his inner thighs while having sex. You can scratch it or make your fingers run through it.

16. Be in charge

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, different people have different strokes. That is, each person has what turns him on. Your man might be one to love women dominating him in bed. All you must do is be in charge. Use sex styles that require you to be in charge.

17. Compliments

Always compliment him before and after sex. Good compliments will boost his self-esteem, thus making him enjoy the sex.

18. Make use of the temperature game

Spicing up one's sex life has gone beyond smiles and thank you. Make use of temperature aids like ice cubes if you want that cold sensation or candle wax if you want to make things hot.

19. Role Playing

Role-playing is a proven way of making your man happy in bed. Research shows that 68% of men love to engage in roleplays during sex. Roleplaying spices up your sex life and makes your man pleased.

20. Turn on the lights

Turn on the lights, girl! Let him know he's the luckiest guy in the world. Let him adore your body and know that sex is really happening. Turning on the lights during sex plays a game on the brain, making him aware of the stuff happening, thus providing more pleasure and tears.


Now that you've learned how to make a man cry during sex, I hope you make use of the tips discussed. These tips are things to try in bed which will teach you how to please a man in bed. It will ensure you keep your man happy in bed. BYE!

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