5 Best Home Made Sex Toys for Men


Men have been trying to improvise on their self-pleasure for many years. In fact, around 42% of men own or have bought a sex toy at some point. Well, even after the emergence of various fascinating sex toys, some men try to avoid that and create a sex toy for themselves. Often these experiments fail and some find success.

Now, making Home Made Sex Toys can be a bit troublesome. But, if you are ready to bear that trouble, then you can create a magnificent piece of sex toy at home at a very cheap cost. Though how much pleasure you will have is still debatable.

Now, you will be wondering how many ways you can make a sex toy at home. Well, there are many types of homemade sex toys that you can create at home for your self-pleasure. However, there are some popular ones that you can do it easily without much of craftsmanship.

Before you learn these homemade sex toys making processes, there is a valid point of discussion that you should not be missing out. Do you really need to take all this trouble? Because making a sex toy at home is a trouble that you realize when you start making them.

Can’t you just buy a fantastic life-size-like sex doll torso from Tantaly and find the ultimate self-pleasure? Yes, such a sex toy can give you more pleasure than anything else and the money you will be spending will be trivial in front of the pleasure you will get from these dolls.

So, you need to understand all these factors before you embark on the trouble of making these homemade sex toys. Therefore, let’s discuss all these aspects in this article and figure out whether buying a sex toy from Tantaly would be profitable for you or making one at home.

What is Home Made Sex Toys?

A homemade sex toy is basically a masturbator that you make at home. At times, you will get bored while masturbating by only using your hands. You need to have a tool that will make your masturbation more pleasurable. Now, buying a sex toy will cost you some bucks.

But, if you can make that sex toy at home by using some simple materials, wouldn’t that be great? That is what exactly a homemade sex toy. These are the masturbators that you make at home by using the products that are available at your arm’s length at your home.

So, as you now have a fair share of an idea as to what is a Home Made Sex Toys, now, let’s delve into some of the sex toys that you can make at home and see how easily you can create them out of nowhere.

5 Best Home Made Sex Toys For Men In 2020

Apparently, it might look a bit tricky and troublesome but once you start creating these Home Made Sex Toys, you will realize that you can create them quite easily. Now, for some men, it can be tricky truly. So, it will vary from person to person whether you can make it easily or not.

For those who will struggle to understand the process of making these homemade sex toys or don’t want to go into such trouble of making a homemade sex toy, you should explore the range of sex toys available at Tantaly. You will surely find the ideal masturbator that will help you to masturbate with more pleasure than ever.

Rolled Towel Masturbator

When it comes to the homemade male masturbators, most of the people will recommend you the Rolled Towel Masturbator. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways of creating a male masturbator with some simple things available in your house. So, let’s take a look at the process of making this sex toy at home and also, the things you would require in making it.

Things You Need at Hand

  • 1 towel of small-size
  • 1 glove of latex
  • 2 bands of rubber
  • 1 toothpaste tube (or any other object with the cylindrical shape)

How to Make the Sex Toy

  1. First, you need to fold the small towel once or twice
  2. Now, take a cylindrical tube and put it inside the latest gloves
  3. Place the tube at the upper edge of the towel
  4. Roll the towel while having the tube inside
  5. After a couple of rolls, just fold the cuff of the glove towards the towel
  6. While still rolling the towel, pull the tube out of it
  7. To get the shape, attach the two rubber bands at both ends of the towel
  8. Now, apply some lubricant and start using it

The Pringles Can

Another easy way of making a masturbator has to be by using a Pringles can. It is a simple way of making the masturbator by using some simple things that are easily available at home. So, let’s take a look at how you can create a homemade male sex toy just by using a Pringles can.

Things You Need at Hand

  • Rubber bands
  • A Pringles can
  • 1 latex glove
  • Some sponges (clean)

How to Make the Sex Toy

  1. Fill the Pringles Can with the clean sponges
  2. Make sure to fill the side as they will work as the wall
  3. Create a gap in the centre and insert the latex glove
  4. Make sure that some part of the glove is outside the can
  5. Stretch this part of the glove and attach a rubber band for stability
  6. Make a hole on the other end for better suction
  7. Apply some lube and your Pringles can sex toy is ready to use

Toilet Paper

Perhaps the easiest way of making a sex toy is by using a toilet paper. Well, you might have never looked at a toilet paper like this or never thought that a toilet paper could turn into a sex toy. But, that is the human mind’s creativity. So, let’s see how you can make this implausible this happen.

Things You Need at Hand

  • A toilet paper
  • A latex glove or condom

How to Make the Sex Toy

  1. First, remove the cardboard that you will find inside the toilet paper
  2. Be cautious and don’t tear up the toilet paper to make it a mess
  3. Now, you have a toilet paper with a big hole inside
  4. Insert the latex glove or condom inside the whole
  5. Stretch the part that is outside the hole fold it to the edge of the tissue paper
  6. Now, use a rubber band to make the sex toy stable
  7. Use some lube and you are ready to masturbate with a toilet paper

Sock Masturbator

You might find it crazy but yes, you can make Home Made Sex Toys by using socks as well. Actually, it might feel a bit tough to execute this but, in reality, the process of making this sock masturbator is really very simple and easy. So, let’s see how you can make this sock masturbator easily.

Things You Need at Hand

  • One rubber band
  • Three pairs of socks
  • One latex glove

How to Make the Sex Toy

  1. First, create a stack of two pairs of socks
  2. Lay the stacks beside each other
  3. Now, fold the stack towards the toes and flip them under the surface
  4. Sandwich the latex glove in between the stacks
  5. Make sure that the cuff of the glove is staying outside the glove
  6. Now, wrap the cuff of the glove over the ends of the socks
  7. After that, wrap the extra third pair of the gloves towards the centre
  8. Next, attach a rubber band to make the structure robust
  9. Now, apply some lube and you are ready to use your sock masturbator

Stuffed Animal

Do you have any stuffed animal toy in your house like a teddy bear or anything else? Well, you can make a sex toy out of it. Yes, it might sound a bit odd but you can do that easily if you have the vision and creativity of making a sex toy out of nowhere. So, let’s see how you can make Home Made Sex Toys out of stuffed animal toys.

Things You Need at Hand

  • A stuffed animal
  • A condom

How to Make the Sex Toy

  1. Take a stuffed animal and cut a hole safely in between its legs
  2. The hole should be deep enough to insert your erect penis
  3. Place a condom inside the hole and apply some lube
  4. Now, insert your penis inside the hole and start masturbating

Tantaly Sex Dolls Torso vs Home Made Sex Toys: Which one is better?


Now, you know how to create Home Made Sex Toys. You would be quite fascinated too by knowing how to make these amazing toys at home for your sexual pleasure. But, have you really thought how intricate and complex these processes are? At the end of all that hard work, you could end up with a mess which you don’t want from the start.

So, you have another great option and that is to buy a sex toy from Tantaly. A sex doll torso from Tantaly will cost you way less than what you would have expected from a sex toy. Also, the pleasure you will get from that sex doll torso will be immaculate. So, now you will be in dilemma, which one you should go for? Should you choose a sex doll torso from Tantaly or create Home Made Sex Toys? Let’s clear your confusion right away;

The Trouble Part

When you are looking to create a homemade sex toy, you need to have plenty of things at your arm’s length. Apart from that, you need to have the perception and craftsmanship to execute all the steps. If you don’t follow these steps properly, you will not be able to find the pleasure you seek.

Now, if you choose to buy a sex doll torso from Tantaly, the only trouble you will have to bear is just go to the website, choose the sex doll torso, and order it. You will get your sex toy delivered at your doorstep discreetly. So, as far as the trouble is concerned, Tantaly will give you less compared to Home Made Sex Toys.

The Pleasure Factor

You are taking up all these troubles in making a homemade sex toy just to make your masturbation from pleasure. Well, even after following the steps, you may not get the pleasure you seek. It’s an artificial masturbator which cannot give you the ecstasy you want.

But, the TPE sex doll torsos of Tantaly are tailored to make your masturbation more pleasurable than ever. When you touch our sex doll torso, it will feel like touching a real woman’s body. Therefore, masturbation will be more realistic and pleasurable. So, in terms of the pleasure factor, Tantaly gets the nod as well.

The Price Factor

The third and very important aspect of your decision will be the price. Yes, you will have to bear a lesser cost while making a sex toy at home. But, if you calculate correctly by including the effort you will give for the pleasure you will get, the picture will become a lot clearer for you.

On the other hand, you are getting one of the best male sex toys at the present moment, the sex doll torso of Tantaly and that too at an affordable price. You should know that the sex doll torso of Tantaly will be way more affordable than any other sex toy you would purchase. So, as far as the price factor goes, if you think logically, you should look to get the sex doll torso of Tantaly because the pleasure matters more than anything else.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know the 5 best Home Made Sex Toys for men. You also know how to make them at home. But, the reality is, purchasing a sex doll torso from Tantaly will be a much smarter option. As you are a smart guy, visit the website of Tantaly and check out some of the best sex doll torsos that you will ever find.

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