Top 10 Anime Sex Dolls In 2020 That You Can Consider Buying


Just imagine your childhood days. You will have some favourite anime characters. Some of you might still in love with your favourite anime characters. At times, you wished that your favourite anime character would come out of the screen and play with you.

Now, you have grown up and what you refer as “play” has changed a lot. Many of you might still have fantasies about your favourite anime characters. However, you never thought that your fantasies can become true one day.

Well, you are not too dull to imagine that because let’s face it, how can an anime character get into the bed with you? It sounds strange and something outrageous to expect. But, times have changed and now, you have a chance of fulfilling your dream about getting laid with an anime character.

Yes, that’s right, now you can have sex with an anime character thanks to anime sex dolls. It is quite certain that most of you are interested now to know about these sex dolls. We will discuss it and also, tell you the top 10 anime sex dolls that you can have in your bed.

However, you have to realize that what you seek is sexual satisfaction. In reality, you want to have that euphoric feeling while having an exploding orgasm. But, can anime sex dolls produce such exploding orgasm? Or, is there a better alternative to these dolls?

You should know it because an anime sex doll can be very costly. That is why you have to think long and hard before investing in such a sex toy. So, in this article, we will discuss all of these. In the end, you will have a clear mind and know what is good for you. So, let’s get started.

<h1H1:What is Anime Sex Dolls?

Now, you would want to specifically know, what anime sex dolls are. Without knowing it clearly, it will be futile to get the discussion moving. So, first of all, an anime sex doll is a sex toy or you can say a sex doll, a life-size sex doll that will look like your favourite anime character.

When you see the doll, you will feel like the character is actually in front of you. The dolls are made so meticulously that it is hard to determine whether it is just a lifeless object or an actual living human. That is why anime sex dolls are so wonderful to have in bed.

Now, anime sex dolls can be very costly and you will have to be very clear in your head that you are willing to spend so much money on a sex toy. Because that is what these anime sex dolls are in reality. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 anime sex dolls at the moment.

Top 10 Anime Sex Dolls in 2020

Hatsune Miku: An Anime Sex Doll

Without any doubt, Hatsune Miku is one of the iconic Japanese anime characters. A sex doll resembling her is something that you would want to have. This Hatsune Miku sex doll is one of the best that you will find. A nice pair of tits with that beautiful face has to be a fantastic combination.


  • Gorgeous face
  • Nice boobs
  • Real-life-like look


  • Very costly
  • Other sex dolls are hotter

Japanese Waifu Sex Doll

Many of you would want to have a waifu in bed with you. Well, here is your chance to have her. With this Japanese sex doll, you can have your cute anime character in bed. However, this doll will be good for oral sensations only. You will love to use this sex doll.


  • Looks cute
  • Nice ass
  • Resembles Waifu


  • Too pricy
  • Only good for oral

Japanese Anime Sex Doll: Looks like Hatsune Miku

As you already know the popularity of Hatsune Miku as an anime character is huge, so, you should not be surprised to see another anime sex doll resembling the look of this popular character. Yes, this sex doll also quite nice.


  • Nice boobs
  • Good vagina
  • Love face


  • Price is too much
  • Lacks finesse

Yuki Chan: Anime Sex Doll

If you are an anime lover, then must have come across the character of Yuki Chan. Well, she is surely one the anime girl a man could desire in bed. This is one of the best anime sex dolls which resemble the character of Yuki Chan. The doll is very nice.


  • Looks real
  • Easy to carry
  • Nice breasts


  • The price is high
  • Not so real-life-like

Gabriella: Hentai Sex Doll

Gabriella is one such sex doll that you will enjoy a lot. You will see her in various hentai videos. She has nice assets which will make you feel happy with her. Her perky boobs will be fun to play with. All in all, Gabriela is a nice anime sex doll.


  • Nice perky boobs
  • Looks real-life-like
  • Made with TPE


  • Too much costly
  • Tough to maintain

Nao: A Beautiful Anime Sex Doll

Nao is a gorgeous sex doll which can be your dream companion in bed. Her cute face is something that you would want to see while penetrating. Also, she has large breasts which will give great pleasure along with her three holes.


  • Large boobs
  • Innocent looks
  • Three holes to use


  • Cost is a concern
  • Tough to store

Karina: Huge Boobs Sex Doll

Karina is a wonderful sex doll and her eyes will surely attract you. Her huge boobs are something that you would want to fondle. She loves rough sex and she is so hot that you would just want to pound her as hard as you can.


  • Hot appearance
  • Huge boobs
  • Looks real-life-like


  • Price is too high
  • Too heavy

Petra: A Cute Sex Doll

Petra is also one of those anime sex dolls that look tempting from the first glance. She has a very nice body and you would surely enjoy playing with her. Also, her three holes are enough to satisfy your sexual cravings.


  • Looks nice
  • Three holes
  • Real-life-like body


  • Very costly
  • Tough to maintain

Liana: Anime Sex Doll

Liana has large ears and wants to be a slave. She loves rough sex and would do anything to make her master happy. Her boobs and butts are very nice to play with. This anime sex doll is wonderful for rough sex lovers.


  • Nice boobs
  • Big ass
  • Ideal for rough sex


  • May not be Durable
  • Price range is very high

Judith: Vampire Sex Doll

Vampires are always sexy. You have seen many animes with vampires on it. Judith is one such anime sex doll that resembles a vampire’s character. She loves to have rough sex and if you love hard pounding, then this could be the doll you need.


  • Large boobs
  • Fat ass
  • Great for a hard pounding


  • Not real-life-like
  • Tough to maintain

Anime Sex Dolls vs. Tantaly Torso Sex Dolls: Which one is better?

After knowing these top 10 anime sex dolls, you might feel buying them would be a great option. But wait, we told you at the beginning of this article that there is a better alternative to these anime sex dolls. Well, that better alternative has to be the torso sex dolls from Tantaly.

Now, you can see that every one of those top 10 sex dolls is costly. Therefore, when you look to buy it, you will have to spend a huge amount of money. But, if you can get it at a much lower price, then why on earth you would pay such a large amount of money and that too for an anime sex doll?

From Tantaly, you can have torso sex dolls and that too within an affordable price. Also, the quality of these torso sex dolls will be top-notch giving the pleasure you seek in your sex life. So, why buying a torso sex doll is better than the anime sex dolls? Let’s see.

Ease of Use

Without any doubt, torso sex dolls from Tantaly are very easy to use. You will understand that once you use them. Actually, anime sex dolls are very big. They resemble the size of a human. So, it is hard to carry them from one place to another.

Also, while using, getting the sex doll in position for a pounding will be tough as well. But, you will not have to face problems like these when you use torso sex dolls from Tantaly. They are not that heavy and you can use them quite easily.

Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you will find it easier to maintain a torso sex doll than an anime sex doll. As you already know, an anime sex doll is a big sex toy and you will find it tough to carry. Therefore, when you look to clean and maintain it, you will find it very hard.

However, a torso sex doll of Tantaly is lighter than the anime sex doll. So, it will be easier for you to clean and maintain. That is why on the aspect of maintenance, a torso sex doll from Tantaly will get the nod.

Convenience of Storage

The storage of a sex doll or any other sex toy is very important. It is not only important for its longevity but also you would want to hide it from others. In this case, anime sex dolls will create a problem for you as they are quite big. So, storing the doll will be a problem.

But, when it comes to the torso sex dolls of Tantaly, you will find it easier to store as well as maintain secrecy because it is not as big as an anime sex doll. Thus, in terms of storage, a torso sex doll will once again be a better choice than an anime sex doll.

Treasure Box of Pleasure

Yes, you might think that in terms of pleasure, anime sex dolls would be a better choice. But, don’t come to any conclusion just yet. As an anime sex doll is big and looks odd from other women, unless you are a huge fan of anime, you will struggle to have an erection with it.

However, what matters during masturbation is a nice vagina or asshole and if you find boobs, it will be a bonus. You can have that with a torso sex doll from Tantaly. It is truly a treasure box of pleasure. The anime sex doll will give you pleasure. But, the same pleasure you can get from Tantaly’s torso sex dolls as well.

The Price Factor

With that, now, let’s check the price factor and see which of the two will be a better choice. Now, if you are having almost the same pleasure by paying a lesser price, wouldn’t you choose the one for which you have to pay less?

Now, a torso sex doll from Tantaly will cost much less than an anime sex doll. So, it will be a better choice for sure. Also, you will have more pleasure by having sex with a torso sex doll than an anime sex doll.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you now have a fair idea of what anime sex dolls are. Also, you know what would be the best alternative for an anime sex doll. So, without wasting your time, check the vast collection of torso sex dolls from Tantaly and choose the one which you think will be the best for you. Our collection will surely bring a smile on your face because the number of choices you will have can be overwhelming. You will surely find a torso sex doll from us within your budget.

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