Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2020


Sex is all about pleasure and couples look to elevate that pleasure by using various toys. Now, the reason they need a sex toy is that sex can get monotonous if you are having sex with the same person throughout your life. You need to bring something different in your sex life.

Well, changing your sexual partner is never a thing anyone should advise anyone to do because that can bring multiple health issues as well. That is why using sex toys is one of the best ways you can improve your sex life and enjoy sex as you had for the first time.

For couples, the hardest thing to do is to introduce sex toys in the relationship. This is probably the biggest hurdle that a couple has to face before starting to use a sex toy. They have to convey to the other partner that he or she is willing to try some sort of a sex toy.

Now, once the couple decides that they want to try out something different to rejuvenate the lost spark in their sex life, the first thing they would want to know which sex toys they should look to buy. Now, there are so many sex toys for couples which they can look to buy.

If you are looking to purchase a good-quality sex toy that will actually elevate your sexual pleasure to the next level, then you will have to spend a decent amount of money. That is why choosing the right sex toy will be very important just like approaching your partner about using the toy together in bed.

So, in this article, let’s take a look at the best sex toys for couples in 2020 and how you should approach your partner about using it together.

6 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Now, let’s take look at the best sex toys for couples which you should look to buy to spice up your relationship. After that, we will look at the tips that you can use to introduce sex toys to your bedroom smoothly. So, let’s get started.

Candice: Life-Sized Torso Sex Doll (Our Top Pick)


When you are looking to use a sex toy in your relationship, nothing can be as good as using a life-sized torso sex doll. Well, having threesome sex is always fun. But, you would not want to involve anybody else in your private life.

In that case, this life-size sex doll torso becomes the perfect fit as your companion for threesome sex. You will not have to worry about spilling out your secret life to anyone. As a matter of fact, you will have the same feeling of having a real person when you have Candice in your bedroom.

Moreover, you would want to have a sex toy that you can hide easily. In that case, Candice becomes a great choice because you will not need a huge space to hide it. Also, the impact Candice can have on your relationship will be terrific. That is why she is our top pick when it comes to sex toys for couples. Also, Tantaly produces sex toys, especially, sex dolls which are immaculate to use.


  • A real-life-like feeling of the sex toy
  • The material used in making the toy is safe for skin
  • Price of the sex doll is really affordable
  • Realistic body parts are made immaculately
  • Easy to hide and maintain


We haven’t found any negative aspect about this product

Rico: Male Torso Sex Doll (Highly Rated Pick)


Now, what if your female partner wants a sex toy for herself? What if she wants to play with another man in your threesome adventure? For that, you have Rico. You can fulfil her wish of having another man in your bedroom by simply having Rico in the room.

This male sex doll torso is truly terrific to use. It has a muscular body which will feel real. The material used in making that body is safe for your skin. Also, you will get a large penis attached to the torso sex doll which will come in very handy while playing with it.

The price of this doll is very affordable and the pleasure and the impact it can have on your relationship makes it a worthwhile purchase. That is why we are rating it very highly would suggest you get it if your female partner wants to have some more fun in bed with you. Also, Tantaly is a reliable sex doll producer so, you can rely on them for quality in this sex doll.


  • The material used in making the doll is safe for skin
  • The real-life-like appearance of the sex doll is fantastic
  • The price is affordable and provides value for money
  • Brilliant for craftsmanship to bring realism in the doll
  • Easy to store and hide along with simple maintenance


(So far, no cons have been figured out by the users of this sex doll)

Louise: Doggy Style Life Size Sex Doll (A Very Good Choice)


If you are looking for a sex toy for couples that will provide you with pleasure as well as the involvement of a third-person, then Louise can be a great choice. She has to be one of the best sex toys for couples right now. Her big ass will be a great thing to play with for couples.

What is so great about Louise is that when you touch her, you feel like she is a real human being. The material used while making Louise is very much safe for skin. Therefore, you can use her without much of a trouble. On the other hand, the orifice is very much like a human asshole.

Apart from that, the vagina also looks well-crafted. The unique design of the sex doll will give you the real sucking sensations that you would get from your partner. All in all, this sex doll can be a very good choice and a good investment if you want to improve your sex life and the relationship. Also, as this is a Tantaly’s sex doll, you will get way more than what you will invest in this doll.


  • Booty of this sex doll is real lifelike
  • Go rough on it as it can withstand spanking
  • TPE material is absolutely safe for your skin
  • Excellent to be used in doggy position by partners
  • The material is very much stretchable to give more pleasure


(No such negative points has been figured out for this immaculate sex toy)

A Wand Vibrator

Many couples will look for a wand vibrator when it comes choosing sex toys for couples. There was a time when these wand vibrators were really very popular. But, they are not as interactive as couples think it to be. Also, you need to have an external stimulation to ensure that you find the pleasure you seek from a wand vibrator.

All in all, it can be a good choice. But, if you compare it with the sex dolls of Tantaly, these wand vibrators will not stand a chance as far as the pleasure from the sex toy is concerned. So, be very sure before investing in something like a wand vibrator.


  • Good for self-play and also playing with a partner
  • Intense stimulation can give good pleasure
  • Various options to choose the level of vibration


  • Not as realistic as a sex toy should be
  • May not find the right value for your money
  • Lacks in interactivity with a partner

Wearable Vibrator

A wearable vibrator is one of the very popular sex toys for couples. Couples will wear these vibrators and each of the partners will have the option of controlling the vibrator remotely. You can connect your phone with the vibrator and control it easily.

There are so many types of wearable vibrators available in the market and many couples love it. But there are some problems couple face while using it. To use wearable vibrators effectively, you have to be aware of its functions properly.

Otherwise, you will never have the pleasure you want from these vibrators. Also, if you think closely, you will get mere vibrations from these wearable vibrators. Now, if you compare it with our top pick, a Tantaly’s sex doll torso, a wearable vibrator will not be as effective as you think it to be.

So, before you invest in a wearable vibrator, contemplate long and hard because these are really expensive. You would know what value for money you are getting after buying this product and as of now, Tantaly sex doll torso will provide you with more value for money.


  • Good for a couple’s foreplay
  • Strong vibrations for good stimulation
  • Interactive and technically robust


  • The controls are hard to understand
  • Too expensive for a sex toy
  • Only gives vibrations and nothing else


When we are talking about sex toys for couples, it is not possible to miss out on dildos. Without any doubt, a dildo is one such sex toy that can really bring a new dimension to your sex life. Whether you are helping your partner with using a dildo or your partner using it all by herself, surely it will bring something new to your sex life.

But, before you jump up to buy a dildo, here is a small thing that you need to think. A dildo is a non-interactive simple sex toy. It is basically an artificial penis. So, will that be good to be used among couples to spice up the relationship? Yes, many couples use it because of the lack of relevant options when it comes to choosing a sex toy for couples.

But, now, when you have something like a sex doll from Tantaly, do you think it is still worth it to buy a dildo? Absolutely not because your main goal is to spice up your sex life which is an integral part of your relationship with your partner. So, you have to use what is the best available sex toy for couples. Thus, a sex doll from Tantaly will be a far better option than a dildo.


  • A decent artificial penis for a couple’s play
  • Good stimulation around the genitals
  • The material will not harm your skin


  • Only a plastic sex toy with the look of a penis
  • Does not provide the value for money you want
  • You have better options for more pleasure

Tips for Introducing Sex Toys to Your Partner

Before you buy a sex toy and start using it with your partner, it is important that you introduce a sex toy to your partner. It is a big hurdle but if you follow these tips, the introduction of the sex toy will happen smoothly.

Don’t Give Surprise

You should never ever surprise your partner by introducing a sex toy in the bedroom without informing him or her. Your partner should know about it before you bring a sex toy home.

Talk It Out

The best way to solve any problem in a relationship is to communicate. So, you should sit down with your partner and talk it out about introducing sex toys in your bedroom.

Never Pressurize

You can start to pressurize your partner out of impulse without knowing you are pressurizing him or her. So, never pressurize your partner, listen to your partner and solve his or her queries properly.

Give Assurance

Your partner could think that you are using a sex toy because he or she cannot satisfy you. So, you should give assurance that the use of a sex toy will solely be for the pleasure of both of you.

Shop Together

Once you get the nod from your partner about using a sex toy, don’t buy the toy alone. Shop for the sex toy together; as that will be a great way to elevate the closeness in your relationship.

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are some of the sex toys for couples you can look to have. Also, introducing the sex toy in a relationship is an uphill task. But now you know how you can introduce sex toys in your relationship smoothly. You also know that the best sex toy that can elevate your sex life is the life-size sex dolls from Tantaly. As you and your partner will shop together for the toy, visit the website of Tantaly and explore our range of sex toys that will fill your sex life with fulfilment, happiness, and satisfaction.

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