Eva’s Happy Time in The Bathtub


Eva and her boyfriend Johnson have just moved into their new home, and they need a hot bath after a busy day.

Johnson was lying in the warm bathtub enjoyably, and he was lazy. Through the frosted glass that separated the dry and wet spaces, he vaguely saw Eva showering outside. She was a mature young woman with great taste, like flowing water, quiet and not insolent. She straightened her hair in front of the mirror, with smooth shoulders, firm breasts, strong waist, and long slender legs. Eva's beautiful curves are only most apparent when she's standing. In the white mist, Eva slowly stepped into the bathtub. They splashed each other with splashes of water, smeared each other with shower gel, and hands slowly swept across every piece of skin of each other.

Eva ass spanking1

With the stroking of the body in the water, the swaying breasts floated up, and the blurred eyes produced a feeling of suffocation. When the feet were wrapped around, the balance was difficult to grasp. Due to the buoyancy, Johnson lifted Eva easily, and in front of him was the white buttocks, evenly left and right, with a lot of flesh upturned, the red piece at below, the clear water running down the groin, Johnson's scattered nerves were awaken by desire, the hormones gradually soared, one hand supported the waist, the other hand merged the five fingers, involuntarily slapped the buttocks, instantly released Eva's passion, Eva put her head out of the water, she gasped, swung below, taking the opportunity to let him squeeze into her body...

Loosening and tightening alternatively, Johnson stands vigorously in the water, and the water splashes occasionally hit Johnson's testicles and Eva's clitoris, which brought them different kind of excitement. With the rhythm of clash and thrusting, they enjoyed the feeling of numbness. No one can hold back when it comes to sex, especially a place that liberates both body and mind. Hoping the warm water will continue to flow... hug in the tank, fall asleep in the ups and downs, and never wake up.

After an unknown amount of time, the two of them recovered from the bathtub and walked to the shower. Eva hung the dry towel on the place that Johnson had erected again. The bathroom is the most private space, and it is also a place where people have inexplicable illusions.

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