How to Measure Your Penis? A Complete Guide


It is time to discuss the elephant (or snake) in the room. We all have asked a search engine “how to measure my penis.” We have also thought, “how big is the average penis?” Everyone wants to know how to measure penis length. Some are even interested in knowing how to measure penis girth. It is very normal to want answers to these questions.

In today's article, we will talk about the penis. You are going to get to know your penis better. You will get answers to questions like “how big is the average penis?” and “What age does your penis stop growing?”. After this text, you are bound to know more about the penis, its measurement, and average size.

What is the average size of a penis?

Maybe you have always thought you do not match up to other men when it comes to your penis. It might surprise you that the average penis size is not as big as most people believe. Therefore, it is important to ask questions and not conclude based on beliefs.

According to a review of research done in 2020 on the size of the penis, the average erect penis length was found to be between 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches. When you consider outliers and volunteer bias, it is believed that the actual average size is around the lower end of the range.

Researches done in the past put the average length of a penis that is flaccid at 3.61 inches. Let us look at the interesting numbers from research. In terms of girth, for a flaccid penis, the average is 3.66 inches. For an erect penis, the average is 4.59 inches.

Researchers however, believe that about 85% of people that have penises overestimate the actual average size of the penis. Most of us with penises are of the opinion that any penis below 6 inches in length is below average. Researchers attribute this opinion to the fact that most measurements are self-reported.

According to different reports of people with penises, about 45% wish their penis was bigger. This percentage includes those with average and above-average penis sizes. To put things into perspective, a 6.3 inches erect penis belongs to the 95 percentile of penises. This means that just five out of every 100 penises are above 6.3 inches.

Reports also have it that a 3.94 inches erect penis belongs in the 5 percentile. This means that just five in every hundred penises is less than 3.94 inches in length. Overall, 95% of all penises can be grouped in the average class.

Therefore, you have no reason to be worried by the penis sizes you see in porn. The average length when erect is about 5.1 inches. The average size is much smaller than people believe.

How to measure penis girth?

In case you do not know, the girth of your penis is the thickness.  You might want to find out how your penis girth compares to others. You may also want to know the actual girth of your penis. It is also important to know your penis girth to get the perfect condom size. To measure your penis girth, follow the following steps:

  1. For this first step, you need a piece of string or a soft measuring tape. If you are going with a piece of string, ensure that the string is one that doesn’t stretch. If for example you use a piece of yarn, measurement errors would occur.
  2. The next step is for you gently wrap the string or tape once around the part of the shaft of your erect penis that is thickest. Take note of where the ends of the string meet and mark it.
  3. If it is a tape you are using, the point where the ends meet is the number that you are looking for.
  4. If you are using a string, straighten out the string. After straightening it out well, use your ruler to measure the distance between the end and the marked part of the string.

What is also important is note that the size of your penis may vary due to your level of arousal. It can also vary with the frequency of your sexual activity, fatigue, and stress. For this reason, you should consider carrying out many measurements across different hours of the day over different days.

How to measure penis length?

Most people consider the length of the penis to be the most important measurement. Now that you know your penis girth, the next step is to measure your penis length. To measure your penis, the length is usually measured from the penis top to the tip of the penis.

For those not sure about the top and tip of the penis, let me explain them to you. The tip of your penis is the topmost part or end of the glans of your penis, also popularly known as the head of the penis. Your penis top is the place where the pubic bone meets your penis.

Most people measuring their penis length do not get accurate measurements. To measure accurately, you need to compress the fat in front of the pubic bone. You should also not include extra length from the foreskin. To measure your penis length, follow the following steps:

  1. Position a measuring tape or ruler at your penis (when erect) base where your penis attaches to the rest of your body.
  2. Press the measuring tape or ruler into the pubic bone. Press as far as possible till you feel you have come in contact with the pubic bone. This step is important if you have plenty of belly fat.
  3. Take the measurement from your penis’ base to the end of the tip.

One of the important reasons you should measure your penis length is for choosing a condom. For condoms, size is very important. If you have an average-sized penis, you should get a condom of standard size. If your penis size is above average, you need a “large” labelled condom. Finally, if your penis is below the average range of size, you need a “snug” labelled condom.

Size matters. Why? With the right fit, you will be better protected against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. A condom that is too loose would probably fall. One that is too small would be uncomfortable and can tear.

When does the penis stop growing?

I know you want to know if your penis has stopped growing. You want to find out if your current penis size is what you stick with. I am here to enlighten you. The majority of penis growth usually occurs during your puberty. However, growth might continue into your early 20s.

Generally, puberty starts between age nine and fourteen and can last for five years. This is based on the age it starts. By the time you are 18 years old, it is not likely that your penis is going to grow any thicker or longer.

It varies from person to person in the growth rate of the penis during puberty. In a 2010 study, it was discovered that the penis growth rate average is less than 0.5 inches every year from the age of eleven to fifteen. After this, growth of the penis continues but at a much slower rate until about age 19.

It is also during puberty that you start to produce semen. Ejaculation and erections also become common during this period. Overall, your penis stops growing between age 19 and 21. After age you should not expect your penis to grow any further.

I know it is possible you are not satisfied with your penis size and are considering making it bigger. There are devices, lotions, and pills that businesses claim to help your penis grow bigger. However, there is no evidence to back up the claims of any of the products.


Now you know how to measure your penis. To end this discussion, I want you to know that the size of your penis does not matter when it comes to sex. A 2006 study that was published in Psychology of Men and Masculinity Journal noted that even though men are worried about the size of their penis, their partners are not.

It noted that 85% of the women that participated in the study were satisfied with the penis size of their partner. Also, just 14% of the women wanted a larger penis for their partner. This goes a long way to show you that your ability to engage in sexual activities is, in most cases, not affected by the size of your penis. The size of your penis does not define your being.

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