How To Stop Getting Erect So Easily? 8 Tips You’d Know


Erections are completely normal and indicate a healthy male body. It happens when some amount of blood travels to the penis. This causes the penile muscles to stiffen and become erect.

It is important to understand that having an erection does not make you bad, dirty, or abnormal. Erections happen due to different reasons. The male sexual organ reacts to different stimuli. Besides, not every erection means you are sexually aroused.

Therefore, learning how to stop erecting so easily is advisable. This will help you control your body better to avoid embarrassing events.

I Get Erect Very Easily

Perhaps you just saw an erotic scene in a movie or a stimulating picture on the Internet. Maybe it is your crush's hourglass body that just caught your sight. Your mind can't just let go of the image. It could be that you are just called to make your presentation and boom! It pops up again.

You are probably thinking, "I get erect very easily and I need to stop it."

These can be the problems you face every day. It may be getting harder for you to stop your daily erections. Well, you are not alone in this. Most males get random erections, especially in public. They only find ways to avoid the embarrassing effects that come with it. What you need is an effective strategy to deal with them.

Before you find the possible solutions to stop your erections, you must know why you get erect at all. All that is provided below.

Here Are 3 Reasons for Random Erection

It is an old question. Where do erections come from? Random erections can be avoided when you know their causes. Here are three reasons you have erections:


This is the most widely believed reason for erections. It is a result of stimulation due to sexual thoughts and fantasies.


The penis can also get erect when the body is touched in a sensual manner. Also, it is directly related to psychogenic erection. However, a psychogenic erection is purely based on thoughts and fantasies. This is based on actual physical touch.


You most likely have woken up with a bulge in your trousers. If you had a female roommate, she would have probably freaked out, leaving you embarrassed. Nocturnal erections are normal, and your body experiences an average of 5 episodes nightly. Each one lasts for about 30 minutes.

Even though erections are good, they can sometimes come at the weirdest moments. The most natural reaction to a sexually stimulated erection will be to have sex and ejaculate.

But what will you do in situations where you either cannot masturbate or do not have a sexual partner available? What? No response? Your answers are right below.

How to Stop Getting Erect Very Easily

Getting a boner in public is as embarrassing as getting called a dummy in your crush's presence. The unannounced visit that comes with a surprise erection can drench your ego in the thick mud. It is more embarrassing when it happens in public. However, it is a natural occurrence and a sign of good health, which happens 11 times a day on average.

Nevertheless, this occurrence is not as pleasing as the purpose it is supposed to serve. Therefore, you need to know how to keep off being the talk of the town just because of a surprise visitation to your penis. Although, masturbation is the most known way to release this penile tension. Just ejaculate and ooof! It goes away.

Unfortunately, this is not practical in most situations. Some people's religious belief does not even permit them to. Hence, the need for the following tips would help you calm your balls literally when these awkward scenes occur. Practical ways to contain your out-of-the-blue erection are described in 2 parts below: the Physical and the Mental approaches.

1. The physical approaches


If you are a fan of skinny jeans and you get constant erections, both in public and privately, you might be the cause of your predicament. The male reproductive organ is sensitive to touch. It is more sensitive when in repetitive contact with stimulating materials like skinny jeans. Here pocketing would be extra hard for you to do.

If your fashion style allows you to live freely in baggy or just comfortable fits, you will be able to conceal your erection in the pockets well enough before it gets noticed. By pocketing, we do not mean a forceful press. This could worsen your situation and stimulate you further.

It is best done by smoothly pushing your penis against the wall of your trousers, calmly, without hard pressure. Also, note that baggy clothes might even help you go unnoticed when you get a surprise erection. You can consider adding them to your wardrobe.

Pillow dividing

Sometimes, these visits happen during a visit to or from someone you like. You surely won't want your conversation to get awkward because you can't sit comfortably on a couch with them.

A simple way to keep your boner out of sight is to shield your penis with a comfortable and unsuspecting item. A pillow comes in handy here as it can help you conceal a boner without pressure or uncomfortable positioning.

Change positions

If blood suddenly rushes to your penis in a room with a female friend with whom you do not have a romantic relationship and might not want anything more, switch positions. That awkward moment might make you feel cornered, but changing your sitting position plays a great deal in easing your penile tension.

Further, it could just help you conceal the boner with the rearrangements of your legs and penis. And yes, if you are in close contact, maybe cuddling, you can as well seek permission to untangle from the person before doing so.

Cover up

Be it a hoodie, big shirt, or any wide surfaced material, as long as it can cover your boner unsuspectedly, try it out. And when you do it stylishly, you will save yourself from embarrassment. Nobody needs to know why you choose to tie your jacket around your waist or hold your laptop across your trouser and upper legs, so you can easily use these options too.

Excuse yourself

Sometimes, to keep your boner out of sight, you need to be just out of sight, too. You can always choose to leave a public or not-so-public place of contact for somewhere less crowded or somewhere you can be totally alone.

A bathroom is usually the best option here, and you only get to pop back into the scene when your erection goes down. After all, no one gets to pee with you, and you have the whole gent space to find your ease again.

Other ideal places to run off to are: outside the gathering, a corridor, or the balcony of the building. Just get out of the scene so your boner won't be seen to avoid embarrassment.

2. The mental approaches

Deep breathing

Inhale… Exhale. Repeat. Inhale. Exhale. That's it. You are right there. This should be you during an episode. Sometimes, all you need is yourself - and nothing else - to get through the storm of embarrassment when your little soldier stands at attention.

The basic change in your system that causes sudden erection is the increased blood pressure in your penis. As biology would have it, your heart continues pumping blood, and this directly arouses your penile muscles. So, it is safe to say regulating your heart beating rate would solve the puzzle for you.

Deep breathing is a practical way to keep your heart calm and reduce it from racing too much when you have a boner. To practice deep breathing, do these:

- Draw air through your nose deeply and countdown to four as you do so.

- Hold your breath for two to four seconds more after the four counts.

- Release the breath you hold calmly through your mouth.

- Count to four while holding your breath again.

- Do it again and again.

Distract your mind

The more you focus on the erection in your mind, the harder for you to stop getting hard. You can try to focus on a movie you saw a night ago while trying to retrace the scenes in your head.

Or try to think about a disgusting experience you don't want to experience again. If it irritates you easily, you might quickly relieve your penile tension before you know it.

Physical distractions like pinching your skin can help you focus on different ideas too. The pain will change the direction of your thoughts away from the erection and make it easier to wave it off.

Control your thoughts

Avoid and do not accommodate sensual thoughts in your mind. Thoughts of your crush you want to lay with or a pornographic scene you have had before might cross your mind, but let it move through as fast as it comes.

Think about everything and anything, but not sexual-related things or scenes.


All in all, there is no hard and fast way to erase your erection anywhere, any day. A mental approach might make you calmer than a physical one and vice versa. Hence the need for you to get familiar with several tips on how to stop getting erect so easily. That way, you will have enough cards to pick from when you have a boner.

Regardless of the results, it never goes well to feel bad about your erection. You are only functioning as a normal human being. Having a negative perception of your erection can lead to low self-esteem, which is bad for sexual activities.

Practice the techniques here as often as you can. Next time you have an erection, you might be able to avoid the embarrassment.

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