Is Your Sex Toy Safe? The Best & Worst Sex Toy Materials


Sex toys are the source of pleasure and sexual satisfaction for both couples and individuals. Everyone likes this fantasy of sexual pleasure and love-making with these sex toys. Did you ever think about their material and potential health risks because of them? These toys are classified as novelty items and have no strict regulations for this sex toy industry. The industry of sex toys is unregulated and has no rules to maintain their safety. You are responsible for your health, so you have to check the material used in sex toys. Just like the food you eat and cosmetic products you buy for your face and body, you should remain careful of your sex toys' material as well.

Indeed, your health needs to avoid risky stuff and compounds found in sex toys. Moreover, before buying these sex toys, you should make sure that either their material or chemical compound is safe for your body or not. You should learn and boost your knowledge to save you from any disease caused by sex toys. Here in this article, you will come to know about harmful materials used in sex toys that can cause serious health issues.

What's the chemical composition?

The most significant factor to consider in the purchase of sex toys is their material and their chemical composition. These chemicals have a direct effect on your body and health. There are various types of material available in the sex toy market. They vary in price as well. Furthermore, some sex toys are very cheap and easily available, you should be aware of such cheap products. The chemical composition of these products can cause serious diseases. There is only a need to enhance your awareness about these sex items. So, you can enjoy your love-making fantasy safely and without any health risks.

  • The damages caused by unsafe chemicals

Some sex toys use chemicals that can become the cause of many physical diseases. These chemicals are unsafe for your body. They can cause tissue damage, itching, rashes, as well as burning. Sometimes, these dangerous chemicals of sex toys can cause permanent physical problems, and you can face severe health issues.

  • The most commonly used chemical in sex toys – phthalates

In addition to other harmful chemicals, phthalates are also used in sex toys. It is one of the most common and dangerous chemicals. Some chemicals are very dangerous for your health, and Phthalates are one of them. It can cause permanent damage to your body. The manufacturers use it to bind things together and enhance the flexibility of the plastic. It is present in the rubber of low-class sex toys. Major public health problems are occurring due to these Phthalates. Its exposure can cause fertility issues in males. Moreover, it can cause neuro-developmental issues, obesity, diabetes type-2, and many more health hazards.

  • The importance of reading the ingredients on the package

Sex toys are part of everyone's life. The couples and singles are using them to fulfill their sexual desires. But, you should think before their use. You should learn about safe and unsafe material used in sex toys. You need to read the ingredients on the package. This habit will save you from all possible health risks.

  • A way of checking unsafe materials - the smell test

There is another way to check the unsafe material of the sex toys. You can perform the smell test. The smell of cheap and low-class material will tell you the truth behind this sex toy manufacturing. There is only a need to remain conscious of the use of sex toys. This knowledge will enhance the pleasure of your love-making without any worry.

How permeable is it?

Another significant thing to focus on is the permeability of sex toys. If they are more permeable, they are more risky and dangerous for your health. So, before buying sex toys to fulfill your sexual desires, you should check their permeability level. They can cause serious damage to your genitals if they are permeable and porous. You should be aware of such products to keep yourself sound and healthy.

  • The damage of porous sex toys and how to avoid the damage

The sex toys that are porous and highly permeable can provide good habitat for bacterial growth. They are a cozy home for bacteria. Bacteria live in these sex toys because you can't clean and sterilize them properly. They are porous, and bacteria can stay and grow in moisture. Moreover, these bacteria can cause severe bacterial infections in your genitals. Always use a condom when you are fulfilling sexual desire through porous sex toys to keep you safe from any infection.

  • The advantage of non-porous sex toys

The non-porous sex toys are best to enjoy the fantasy of sexual pleasure. The main reason for their use is their non-porous smooth surface. They are safe, and you can sterilize them properly with bleach, boiling water, or in a dishwasher. Their smooth and even surface will not provide a cozy home for bacteria, and you will remain healthy. But, even with the use of non-porous sex toys, don’t forget to read about their material and chemical composition. You can get the best sex toys here.

Are any of these unsafe materials in it?

You should avoid the use of certain material to keep yourself secure from any possible danger of disease. Few sex toy companies are using bad and cheap material in the manufacturing of sex toys and sell them at low prices. People purchase them due to their low prices. Due to the lack of knowledge about the potential health risks of these materials, they suffer from severe health problems. The following three are the most dangerous material used is the sex toys, you should never purchase the products containing these three materials:

  • Rubber

The most common material of dildos is latex or rubber. It can be the reason for serious allergic reactions. It has a pungent smell. If you are purchasing a sex toy made up of rubber, then always use it with a condom. It is porous and can cause bacterial infections.

  • Jelly

The jelly is an inexpensive material and contains Phthalates. The most dangerous chemical that can cause male infertility and Neurodevelopmental problems. The companies use jellies to give sex toys more realistic looks. But, in reality, they are playing with the health of sex toy users.

  • PVC and Vinyl

Another risky and cheap material is PVC and Vinyl. The manufacturers are using them to make soft and low-cost sex toys. Both of these materials contain Phthalates that can cause serious health problems in the users of these sex toys.

Is it made of any of these safe materials?

Are you feeling worried after reading all the risks of sex toys material? There is no need to feel anxious about the use of sex toys. There is some safe material that will never cause any health issues. Always read the material of the sex toy written on their packet and manual. You can use sex toys made up of silicone, Lucite, stainless steel, borosilicate glass to fulfill your sexual desires.

  • Silicone

It is the most durable and safe material used in the manufacturing of sex toys. Due to silicone, the sex toys look more realistic and flexible. The sex dolls made up of silicone are super realistic and can take all human postures. 

  • TPE

TPE (or Thermoplastic Elastomer) is almost brand new, compared to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. TPE can be stretched repeatedly, and it will return to its original length right away. It is much softer than other materials, and it can hold multiple positions because of flexibility. You can buy safe and realistic sex dolls from here.

  • Stainless steel

The material is nice and realistic. It is smooth and easy to clean. You can clean them through the boiling water, bleach, or in the dishwasher.

  • Borosilicate glass

The perfect safe material for sex toys is borosilicate glass. It is non-toxic and will never raise any disease. Furthermore, they will remain in the same shape in warm weather also. It is easy to clean their smooth surface. You can use these sex toys without any tension. Moreover, you should buy sex toys from well-trusted websites.

  • Lucite

The people trying to make their PC muscles strong with Lucite sex toys. You can also use Lucite material which makes Kegel exercise better. We can clean it through the dishwasher within minutes.

Final Thoughts

The sex toy is another name for pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They are fulfilling the sexual desires of both couples and singles. There is only a need to get knowledge about their material to use them safely. We can’t deny the importance of learning about the material of sex toys. Sometimes, this negligence about their material can make you infertile for your whole life.

So, it is better to gain knowledge and you can ask some professionals to learn more before purchase. If you learn about their chemical composition and material, you can save yourself from several infections and diseases. Indeed, the use of sex toys is significant for your sexual satisfaction and pleasure, but your health is also very important. So, take care of yourself and always use safe sex toys for love-making pleasure.

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