Monica lives a life like anime


Monica is the most attractive member of the VISA fitness club. Every time I see her, I have mixed feelings. The exaggerated style and almost perfect body always attract other people's attention. She has long red hair, a high nose, pretty eyes, and red lips. She seems like she is from a second dimension; passing by her is a fantastic experience.

Coach Sarkozy is a professional sports athlete, he is Monica's boyfriend. He tutors Monica in physical exercise and psychology at the same time, with the hope that she can go out of her kingdom of dreams and return to reality. During the exercise, Sarkozy held Monica's long legs in a super proportion, helping her perform stretching and closing exercises, increasing her chest and back muscles and making her chest rise with each breath. With her slim waistline, and round hips, this perfectly shaped body can only be seen in animation. During the abdominal muscle training, her delicate skin was visible under the light. After several abdominal contraction movements, the breasts and the bold waistline were in full view.

During the leg muscle training, the abdomen is closed, the squat is lowered, the chest is raised, the curve is raised prematurely, and the buttocks are tight and round. The exercise emits a tempting dream light with soft fitness movements and an exaggerated sexy shape of the body. Sarkozy can hardly control himself in front of Monica. Although Monica was lying on her back, she moved freely, playfully touched his testicles, and pulled off Sarkozy's fitness pants. God, this was fitness. Before having the chance to react, he was already on top of Monica. When Sarkozy returned to his senses, he excitedly seized her full peaks, inserting his penis into her cleavage, and rowed back and forth. The scarlet glans sometimes appeared and shuttled through the sweaty skin.

Monica enjoyed the excitement and pleasure. After a few rounds, Monica's flexible physical fitness skills made her superior in sexual intercourse. She spread her legs to perform up and down with sexual motions. The funnel-shaped drooping peaks shook slightly, hanging 0.5-inch nipples like drops of water, and her white and bouncing breasts were full of temptation, making Sarkozy unable to stop. She Held it with both hands and rubbed the coronal groove forcefully, making the breast crossing action of cross winding.

Monica's skirt and pants have been stretched out, clearly reflecting her fantastic triangle area. The reflection from the groin is set off on the vulva. The labia majora stands symmetrically like two petals. Inside, there is a horizontal arc. The dark red labia minora opens slightly and shines on the light pink channel. In a few seconds, Sarkozy almost climaxes. His mind was blank; at this time, Sarkozy was startled by Monica's domineering roar, "Don't." Monica's behavior may be a manifestation of her weakness. People with two-dimensional characters can do unexpected things, sometimes hair-raising. But soon, Monica said shamefully, " Coach, I don't want you to be dirty." she showed her proud posture again.

Monica's relatively explicit character is very likeable, but her sudden change of temperament makes people feel ashamed. The era has irreversibly moved towards the second dimension. People of Monica's style are like purified honey, with pure sweetness.

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