Stacy's Mom Review - A Good Partner for Quarantine



We are in the midst of a pandemic, the nation is on lock down and whilst some of you are enjoying naked Wednesdays and an afternoon delight, the rest of you may be isolating without your partners or the ability to get laid!

So what are you doing? Going through toilet roll like there's no tomorrow and cramping up your hand from the copious amount of wanking you're doing?

Well, from now on you can call me your fairy god mother, because gentlemen, this one is for you. I want to introduce you to...............Stacy's Mum. 


Stacy's mum is a 3 in 1 pleasure doll. Weighing in at a surprising 5.3kgs, her torso is shocking realistic.

So let's start with her main features, because face it, you aren't buying her for her interesting conversation topics.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing her was that she has some superb breasts. The D cups are so pliable and workable, with a super silky to them. They are easy to lube up and perfect if you want to slide your dick right between. The great thing about her headless torso, is that her breasts can be easily accessible from both angles, you don't have to worry about concussing her with your balls as you're thrusting in-between, nor will you need to be courteous when finishing all over them. You can grab and work her breasts as hard as you like or gently caress them with your tongue, nibbling at her nipples that stay permanently erect.

We then follow her teeny tiny little curvaceous waist, down past her hips and right to where your action begins. She has two tunnels of fun, her vagina and her anus. If you've never owned or experienced the pleasure of a sex doll (like myself), then you may just think you have two holes to lube up and stick your dick in, simple. WRONG! The best asset of this product and what makes her stand out from other dolls is that both her holes are intricately designed with medical grade TPE material to heighten your senses and withstand the hardest of fuckings. The Vagina itself is so life like, with the smoothest of labia's and easily accessible clitoris. Her tunnel is filled with a variety of textures that make your experience all the more real. Comb friction, strong tightening and vault contractions. The beauty of these specifically designed tunnels are that they can squeeze and clench your  dick, but also welcomes any size and length without complaint.




Moving down to her anal tunnel, her entrance is slightly tighter, which is to be expected and like her vagina, it's filled with nooks and cranny's to enhance your pleasure senses. Having two holes to play with means you can have endless fun, you can imitate foreplay, use other toys whilst your fucking her or even, get someone else involved. Stacy's mum loves to be shared and incorporated into all bedroom fetishes and fantasies. 

Moving onto the little extra's that she offers you. As previously mentioned, she's got a bit of weight behind her, which means you can place her on her back, on her front, on her neck and with minimal support she will stay in place thanks to the current framework inside. This allows you to take her from behind. sit her onto of you, lay onto of her, the positions are endless. 


Her ass is another feature that really stands out. It's big, it's juicy, grabable, spankable, biteable, enough to get anyone hard just touching it! It is a perfect addition to an already satisfying aesthetic. 

The TPE material imitates soft, silky, satin like skin, highly realistic and a wonderful feel against your own body. There will be no complaints when you are rubbing against her breasts. 

Whether you live at home alone or communal living, you need not worry about the amount of noise she makes. Stacy's mum is portable enough you can fuck her all over the house and she won't make a peep. She won't complain you're pounding too hard, nor will she tell you to slow down or speed up. She is there solely to satisfy your needs.

You can dress her up too! In the most fantastic of clothes. She would take a UK size 6 in underwear and a 30D in bra size. Or just wrap her up in ribbon and treat yourself to a present that you can repeatedly pleasure all night long. 


There are however some important factors you need to take into consideration. You must use water based lubricants, these will give you a moist and warmer experience, which everyone should be welcome to. Cleaning her up, just use warm soapy water and let her air dry or wipe her down if you fancied blowing your load all over those perky breasts of hers. 

Overall, I can say that Stacy's mum is an extremely high quality, durable and kinky little toy. She comes in discreet packaging, so the delivery driver won't have a clue what you've ordered. Gentlemen, if you're feeling the effects of this lockdown and would like something other than your hand to satisfy your needs, grab yourself one of these, you will not be disappointed. 

To grab yourself Stacy's Mum click on the link below and use my discount code: happydoll for 10% off!!!!





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