Top 3 Torso Sex Dolls from Tantaly

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Men Still Getting Laid During Pandemic Thanks To Sex Dolls

Dating, meeting new people, and having sex during this COVID-19 pandemic has been pretty much impossible because restaurants, movie theaters, bars, night clubs other places where people come together for dates are closed in an effort to keep the coronovirus from spreading.

I understand that social distancing is very important right now, but men still need to get laid.

Men Can Hire Escorts If They Need To Get Laid During A Pandemic

First off, hiring sex workers for sex is illegal in most countries, and second, most men are too nervous to hire escorts because they’re worried that they may be hiring an undercover cop instead of a legitimate escort.

Also, many escorts have taken a break from having sex with new clients during the COVID-19 pandemic because they are also very worried about contracting the coronavirus.

Men Can Go To Strip Clubs To At Least Get Lap Dances

Try again please! Men cannot go to strip clubs to get some female contact in the form of lap dances doing COVID-19 because most, if not all, strip clubs have been closed since the coronavirus quarantine went into effect.

Why Can’t People Just Meet Up At Their Homes For First Dates

Most women don’t feel comfortable having a man that they’ve never met before coming over to their home just as much as they don’t want to go over to a man’s place of residence that they have never met before in person.

So if men can’t take women out on dates due to everything being closed, and if women don’t feel comfortable going to a strangers place of residence or have that stranger come over to their place of residence, then how the heck can anyone get laid during the time of a pandemic.

COVID-19 Is Making It Impossible For Men To Get Laid In 2020


Actually men can get laid during the times of the coronavirus pandemic thanks to a company by the name of Tantaly who are providing men with super realistic torso sex dolls as an amazing alternative to having sex with real women.

Tantaly’s torso sex dolls are extremely sexy, and having sex with these torso sex dolls really does feel like the real thing.

About Tantaly


Tantaly was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create super realistic torso sex doll, at the same time become the standard maker of torso sex doll industry.

Every idea starts with a problem: Although the full body doll has the proportion and experience of a real person, it is bulky, expensive, difficult to store, and requires high maintenance. The masturbator cup, although light and convenient, is always just an alternative to the mechanical movement, and it cannot get realistic experience. If we want to have an affordable price and a full body doll experience: at least it has a big ass that can be spanked or a realistic breast that can be toucheda and it can be as light and convenient as a masturbator cup and easy to store:at least we can easily move it to maintain it. Where can we find such product?

In the current market, there is very few choice for customers who want to obtain a doll with these advantages, and it is full of inferior poisonous dolls and scam sites. This makes customers worry about buying dolls.

To this end, we hope to solve this problem and created Tantaly, dedicating to providing high-quality and realistic torso sex dolls with pleasant after-sales service.

On Tantaly’s website, you’ll not find any low-quality imitations because their team has been in the sex toy business for more than 10 years, and all of their dolls have been carefully selected to ensure that dolls are made of real silicone and high-quality TPE materials.

Can Torso Sex Dolls Replace Real Living Women


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls not only can replace real women, but other than being able to have babies, torso sex dolls actually make better companions for men than real women do for a wide number of reasons because torso sex dolls never want flowers, don’t wear makeup and never get headaches just to name a few.

Real Women Are Expensive


Over the lifetime of a relationship a man can be expected to spend at least $20,000 per year on things that their woman wants; this can be vacations, an upgrade on where they live, clothes..etc.

This is $20,000 per year that a man would not spend if he wasn’t in a relationship

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Save You $200,000


The average lifespan of a torso sex doll is around 2 to 10 years, which means you won’t be spending $20,000 per year on a real woman, and best of all, you’ll be spending the entire decade having amazing sex!

Real Women Demand That Their Man Drive $80,000+ Automobiles


Real women seem disgusted by men who don’t own at least a $90,000 car, and will demand that their man get a really expensive car if they don’t have one.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Could Care Less About What You Drive


On the other hand, Tantaly’s torso sex dolls could care less what a man drives, and will never nag their man about buying an expensive car just for status.

Real Women Are Such High-Maintenance


Real women always want fresh new flowers, expensive gifts, and to be taken out to fancy dinners every single weekend, and if these requirements aren’t met then good luck getting laid.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Require Zero Maintenance


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls can’t smell flowers, don’t eat food, have no need for expensive gifts, and are always ready and willing to have sex with their man no matter what.

No Matter WHAT the Occasion Is Real Women Spend Hours Putting on Make Up


Real women may be sexy and gorgeous, but they don’t wake up that way and have to spend hours upon hours in front of a mirror applying make up to their faces just to look appealing enough to leave the house.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Don’t Require Make Up & Always Look Hot


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls never make their men wait around for hours while they sit in front of a mirror applying makeup.

They are built to only bring pleasure to the men that purchase them!

Real Women HATE Your Clothes & Demand You Wear What They Want You to


Real women want to make sure you look “good enough” to be seen with them, and this means spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Love Your Style Regardless Of What Brands You Wear


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls could care less about what clothes you wear and are always ready to have sex with you no matter how you’re dressed.

Real Women Would Rather DIE Than Sleep In A Tent


You can kiss the idea of going camping ever again in your life goodbye because real women would rather die that sleep in a ten with you. Most men never go camping ever again once they start a relationship with a real woman. And if you’re able to get your chick to go camping with you there is zero chance that she’ll ever have sex with you in a tent.

Real women always want to go on vacations, but only if it’s an expensive and luxurious getaway that you’re willing to get the bill for.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Love Getting Banged In A Tent


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars on vacations in your lifetime because they’ll never complain about going on a campaign trip with you, and they’re always down to get banged under the stars in any size tent.

Real Women Decorate Your House With Stuffed Animals & Pillows


You can expect a lot of pillows, stuffed animals and pink walls once you move in with a real woman, as well as having any say in how your home is decorated because real women always want to decorate your house the way they want it decorated.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls LOVE Your House Just The Way It Is


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls will never complain about how your house is decorated and are always ready to have sex with you!

Real Women Won’t Have Sex When They Have Headaches


You can kiss getting laid goodbye if you’re lady has a headache; and some women even fake having headaches just so they don’t have to have sex.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls NEVER Get Headaches & Are Always Ready To Bend Over


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls are unable to get headaches, therefore can never make up excuses to not have sex, which means you can have sex whenever you’re in the mood and not have to wait for anyone else to be in the mood.

Real Women Are Clingy & Needy & Always Want Your Attention


Real women always demand your full attention, are very needy, and extremely clingy, which means that you almost never have a second alone to either breathe or spend time alone with your guy friends without her tagging along.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Don’t Demand Any Attention


Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls give you the space you need when you want it and never demand any attention from you at all to make them happy.

PMS Attacks Real Women 12 Times Per Year


At least 12 times per year women go on PMS rampages where they treat their men like garbage, and you can forget about having sex with real women when they’re having their periods.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls NEVER Need Tampons


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls never have periods, never go on PMS rampages, and are always ready and willing to have sex no matter what time of the month it may be.

Real Women Are Always On The Look Out For Some Side-Dick


While being in a relationship, you have to be constantly insecure about being cheated on by your partner. You can never have the peace of mind when you are worried about your partner finding anybody better than you and leaving you anytime.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Never Cheat & Are ALWAYS Loyal


With Tantaly’s torso sex dolls you don’t have any chance of infidelity. Once they’re yours, they remain yours. Tantaly’s torso sex dolls will never cheat on you or ever leave you for another person, and best of all, they are always ready to have sex with you!

Real Women Demand Their Needs Come First & Depend On Men For Happiness


Basically, real women DO NOT understand the word “compromise.”

Usually, that requires spending a lot of money on only the things that she wants; she never looks at the price tags when she has your credit card in her wallet. The funny thing is, even after all that, she never really seems happy. This spills over into things that don’t cost money too. For example, she pouts when you want to have a couple friends over to watch sports, and she also pouts when you won’t watch back-to-back episodes of The Bachelor with her.

Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls Put Your Needs First and Always Want You To Be Happy


Tantaly’s torso sex dolls exist to make you happy and to make sure your needs are taken care of, and BEST of all, they are always ready to have sex with you!

More About Tantaly’s Torso Sex Dolls


If the COVID-19 pandemic has made having sex difficult because you can’t meet new women at bars, night clubs, or even take new women that you meet on dating apps out on dates because everything is closed, then you really need to visit Tantaly today and get yourself the woman of your dreams in the form of a torso sex doll.

Tantaly Has A Wide Selection Of Torso Sex Dolls To Choose From


I understand that choosing the perfect torso sex doll for yourself can be a daunting task, but Tantaly makes choosing your perfect dream woman a very easy task!

Click Here To Check Out Their Big Boobs Collection!

Click Here To Check Out Their Big Ass Collection!

Click Here To Check Out Their Life-Sized Collection!

Click Here To Check Out Their Threesome Collection!

Click Here To Check Out Their Doggy Collection!

Click Here To Check Out Their Missionary Collection!

Jenny’s TOP Torso Sex Doll Picks


Below I’ve posted my TOP 3 favorite Tantaly torso sex dolls!

Meet Torso Sex Doll Aurora


She is life-size with a perfect female figure and exquisite body curves. As she has the size of a real woman, you can buy her sexy clothes: a red lace babydoll, a transparent chemise, a sensual corset, or a transparent bra that enhances her nipples with a tiny thong. Want to get more adventurous? Buy her a tight short dress or a blouse and skirt to start undressing her as you kiss and touch her body. What could be more fun than dressing her up as you like?

Thanks to her high-quality metal skeleton, Aurora can adapt to any position you’re craving for. You can bend her waist, hips and legs in realistic positions to fuck her in missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors styles. However, she loves being fucked doggy style while you slide your iron hard cock in and out of her pussy or ass. She can lie on her side, sit down and even lift her juicy ass at your preferred angle.

Click here to learn more about Aurora!

Meet Torso Sex Doll Britney


Britney’s real breast size allows her to wear all kinds of sexy clothes, you can try to dress her as you want. Since Britney is a medium size doll, according to her measurements, I recommend 32B bras and size S underwear. Of course, you can also buy her Size S sexy lingerie or bikini, which is also suitable for her.

Click here to learn more about Britney!

Meet Torso Sex Doll Roise


Rosie’s soft skin is made of medical grade TPE. It will never tear apart or get damaged no matter how hard you’re banging her huge delicious ass; in fact Rosie’s huge ass is so good you can even make her wear some sexy lingerie and it won’t slip.

Click here to learn more about Rosie!



The COVID-19 quarantine has made it very difficult for men to meet up with new women for sexual encounters, but thanks to the torso sex doll company Tantaly, men can still have as much sex as they want even during the time of a pandemic like the one we find ourselves in!

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